Sculptures, buildings, lanes that invite us to walk around. Exhibition halls that house works of art arising from the inspiration of the artists who visited the area.


Bellatrix Paths
A journey through the native vegetation discovering the works of art located in it, thus stimulating all the senses. Never the same, the roads are born and grow next to the plants and trees, they change, adapt and join the vegetation.
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Bellatrix Silo
The silo houses the sculptural work "Clouds" by the artist Edgardo Madanes. It is a central architectural element in our park since, in addition to being an exhibition hall, it functions as a lookout point and a meeting place for the visitors of Bellatrix.
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The Pond

Bellatrix Pond
This large pond expands across the whole parc reflecting like a mirror the sky, the clouds and vegetation that surround it.  It is a pleasure to wander around observing birds and fish that find their shelter here.
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Gallery of the casuarinas

Bellatrix Gallery of the casuarinas
A construction designed by the architects Mariana Cavalli and Máximo Sánchez Granel that is destined to house works specially created for our project. Some of them were created from materials collected in our field that require being sheltered from the outdoors. Temporary exhibitions will also be held here to promote the work of different Argentinian artists.
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The old henhouse

Bellatrix The old henhouse
This building, which was originally a large henhouse, was restored by our architects to become the social nucleus of Bellatrix. We kept its original modulation in line with the country scenery. This space is made up of the offices, the library, the cafeteria and all the support for the operation of this exhibition complex.
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Pabellón de la Laguna

Bellatrix Pabellón de la Laguna
Parte de la memoria del campo, el silo se presenta como un pabellón especial destinado a la obra individual de un artista. La verticalidad del espacio permite que la obra suspendida se despliegue como nubes en su interior. La rampa exterior crea un recorrido que invita a asomarse al interior del Silo y contemplar la obra desde las alturas, mientras ofrece una vista panorámica.
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