Passion for art and commitment to nature in a park located in the Pampas plain one hour away from the city of Buenos Aires. Created to connect with various cultural manifestations in a subtly intervened framework.

Bellatrix is an ideal space to regenerate our energies through activities, research, walks or simply by perceiving the environment. It is a place destined to share experiences where creative energies converge. Here nature, geography, the history of the place and the family speak, nourishing the creation of works of art, architecture and landscaping.
Together with various professionals who have creative minds, we work to give shape to the ideas that arise in this unique space.

Founder Betina Kühlcke Co-founder Cristian Schaefer Original curatorshipLic. Virginia Zanovello de Cavalli ArchitectureArq. Mariana Cavalli
Arq. Máximo Sánchez Granel
Graphic design Estudio Mile